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Product label legibility


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Product label legibility

The role of labels in customer decisions is vital, especially in product images designed for retail platforms. Our focus is on delivering high-quality images with clear and legible labels. Additionally, we ensure that product information is provided as metadata in an XMP format, facilitating easy access and organization of relevant data. Trust us to enhance the visual appeal and informative value of your product images for better customer engagement.


Here's how to get our photo retouching services:

  1. Upload your images to our website or through our upload portal.

  2. Provide detailed instructions on the edits you want, including specific areas of focus.

  3. Receive a quote based on the complexity and quantity of edits, then purchase the desired quantity of images.

  4. Within two weeks, you'll get an email with a link to your personalized online gallery.

  5. Download your high-resolution edited images from the gallery.

We strive for quality and offer revisions within one week of receiving the gallery link. Please ensure your images comply with copyright laws. For more information, visit our website or contact customer support.

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